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Jeanie Ho
Da Clong
Clache Raong
08/10/2020 - 18/10/2020
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Curated by Yves Lee

​1610 could be a moment, a time, a year, a random coincidence, or probable consequence.

Jeanie Ho, Da Claong and Clache Raong go on a search to uncover the undiscoverable. Intricate paper silhouettes whisper to and beckon the audience in Jeanie Ho's honest conversation on paper. Da Claong's painterly expressions engage the imagination through the unveiling of abstract suggestions and Clache Raong provides a soundscape of memory, connection place and space of emotion.

Through a quiet contemplation and an acknowledgement of existence, impressions and feelings captured across uncertain times. A subtle celebration of synchronicity and chance, observing time and honouring the coincidence of circumstances, memory and moment.

​What sensation might 1610 elicit for you?

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