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2022 Exhibition & Residency Programme

Kick started by Australian artist Jan Guy in 2018, Sean Gallery is now taking proposals all year round for our residency programme. Each submission is reviewed by our curatorial team. We accept proposals from artists and curators at all stages of their career, including solo, group shows or collaborative projects. We are open to discuss curatorial ideas, installation, any issues or particular marketing requirements.


We aim to work with artists and build a community that can help artists grow and support together, no matter where you are from! Direct all specific curatorial enquires to

                      to show work at our gallery in 2022! 




Exhibition Fee:

Entire Gallery $22,000HKD (2 weeks)

Residency Fee:

Residency only

$25,000HKD (2 weeks)

Not including accommodation

Residency + Show

$40,000 (4 weeks)

Not including accommodation

​Artists and students with a grant or are currently enrolled and/or associated with a University, please contact us separately for more options. 


Studio Space, Fridge, Kettle

General tools used within gallery (ladder, wooden bench, 2 white plinths, 4 wooden stools etc.)

Markting & promoting on our website, Instagram and Facebook page


Posters (if necessary)

Opening event and drinks (artist preference of Friday night or Saturday afternoon)

Gallery including minding Wednesday - Friday 11am-6pm, Saturday 11am-1pm. Monday & Tuesday by appointment.

Closed Sunday and public holidays.

We can make arrangement with artists to sit for extra days.

Artists are not required to stay for the show after residency unless they wish to. We will deinstall and pack for artists after their show, assist artist with shipping work back to their own country (at artists' own expenses).

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