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Denton Yan Chen
Solo Exhibition

Then & Now
A Story of My Photographic Journey
and Tai Ping Shan Street

07/10/2023 - 21/10/2023
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Now & Then
A Story of My Photographic Journey and Tai Ping Shan Street


Curated by Future Assembly & Yves Lee

Then and Now is the first solo exhibition by Denton Yan Chen, distilling the tranquil scenery of Tai Ping Shan Street. Experience the passage of time and ordinary beauty of this special place.

Denton Yan Chen started taking photos with some sort of intent in 2019, and spent a majority of his lunch hours wandering the gentle slopes of Tai Ping Shan Street and surrounding areas. 


You will find his observations throughout the years of both it’s inhabitants and visitors. Of things and people that remain, and those that change. And a nostalgic feeling that this place is quite different and special.


The theme of the exhibition is organised in pairs of photos. Each depicting the same subject at different moments in time. Some of these were taken on Denton’s first few rolls of film in 2019 until present day. 


Denton’s documentation style is subtle with a theme of nostalgic passing of time. Amongst his collection of photos, one can observantly find that some things have changed, with many things remaining the same. Traversing through Tai Ping Shan Street where he had spent a considerable amount of time, he hopes to reflect on a perspective of Hong Kong that is lesser known to the public.

FInd out more at his website, a digital extended version of of Then and Now.

Take a gander through the stories and photos of Tai Ping Shan. You will find extra works on this page, as some that did not make the cut to the physical exhibition! Now enjoy the exhibition, when you go through these photos, please allow me to task you with a special request: If you recognise any of the people in this photo please let me know and I would like to give them a print. If this person is yourself then…you know what to do.

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