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Jasmine Lok
Solo Exhibition
A The Secret Garden Project: Our Garden
16/09/2023 - 01/10/2023

The Secret Garden Project: Our Garden 


Curated by Yves Lee

In the spirit of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s eponymous children’s literature, and extending from the artist's graduation exhibition piece The Secret Garden Project,  This is an immersive installation that captures the collaborative artworks of artists who share a background in art teaching, as well as their healing stories. Visitors are also invited to join this communion at the side table, where they can encounter their creative spirit and allow the soothing act of molding clay and painting to mend their hearts. As the shared experiences of healing grow, so does this community garden blossom.

Jasmine Lok is an artist and art teacher from Hong Kong. In addition to painting, live painting, and handicrafting, she also employs art teaching as a way to share her artistic passion. She places a strong emphasis on how art may help individuals experience positive influence in her art instruction and personal artwork. Through her interaction with her students and their unique perspectives on the creative process, Jasmine has experimented with audience engagement in her recent works. She wants to explore the potential of interactive creative experiences by creating connections and encouraging involvement. She is also deeply inspired by her personal believe, hoping to touch souls, influence lives, and bring light through her art.


Graduated from Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Scheme in Fashion and Textiles and Hong Kong Baptist University Master of Visual Art . She was awarded the Hong Kong Baptist University Master of Visual Art Grad Show Art Award.

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