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Akihiro Nikaido

Akihiro Nikaido came from Hokkaido, Japan, and is one of the most outstanding contemporary ceramists.


He concentrated mainly on pottery fired at high temperature without graze, a process named “Yakishime”.


He focuses on the natural beauty of clay itself and the form of the pottery, while presenting the style of

modern and ancient times simultaneously. Exhibitions of Nikaido’s works are held more than ten times a year, and not only in Japan but also in New York, Paris, Taiwan, Korea, Shanghai and Beijing.


In 2010, he organized a group named “Touism” in Mashiko to help young ceramists. In 2015, 108 ceramic artists from all over Japan participated in an exhibition of the group. In 2010 when eastern Japan was hit by tsunami, Nikaido led a “power of tableware” movement and brought young ceramists to areas hit by the tsunami to help victims living in temporary housing by bringing them tableware.

Tableware draws respect. Without excessive decoration and in its simplicity, one can feel not only the beauty of the food it holds, but also the soothing sense of the earth. Black tableware can discreetly bring out the extraordinaire of the food.

“Soil comes from the earth, and under everyone’s feet all over the world. Despite the difference in language and culture, hearts can always connect.” Nikaido wishes the tableware he makes to take a supporting role while food takes the lead. He loves cooking, and therefore takes an interest in the coordination between food and tableware. Even the simplest of food, when put on a favourite plate, will turn out totally special.

He considers tableware as an art form. “When used by a guest, the heart, the life-style and space will not bethe same. If there are ten thousand people, there will be ten thousand possibilities of art.”

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