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Cherry Tsoi Ceramics
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Cherry Tsoi

Cherry received her Bachelor’s degree from the Hong Kong Baptist University, Academy of Visual Arts, specialising in crafts and design. Recent years, she focus in ceramics and mainly use porcelain to create her works. 


Her works have a strong connection to nature and she is always inspired by the forms, color and structure of sea creatures. By layering repeated forms, she creates sculptures that show her fascination of the complexity of biological structures.


For functional wares, Cherry adds the elegance of Song dynasty's wares to her pieces. She adopts the form of ancient wares but not the monochrome glaze. She prefers multicolored tone and uses spray guns to create even transition on  ware surfaces.

In these functional porcelain wares, Cherry celebrates the beauty of green plants. You can find an ancient taste from the forms because Cherry is fascinated to Song Dynasty's wares. She appreciates the elegance of ancient wares, and creates pieces with rims that resemble flowers and leaves.


She uses spray guns to apply glaze,  which helps to achieve evenly layered surfaces and color transitions. This glazing method brings a softness accent to her works.

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