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Yasuko Hasegawa

Miss Yasuko Hasegawa was born in Yokohama and was an art teacher in Art and Design at the Tohoku University. Miss Hasegawa is skilled in using diversified works to explore the infinite possibilities of ceramics and pottery clay.

“In terms of meals, the bowl used every day is very personal. Everyone has his own choice. Through our five senses: the eyes seeing its form, the ears hearing its message, the mouth tasting the rim and the skin touching its texture and weight, the feeling from the ceramic piece slowly penetrates though our body and heals us with the joy of living and gives us


Eating is not only for survival, but also for healing of the soul. Miss Hasegawa believes that tableware can bring more than just the satisfaction of eating. She hopes to deliver the beauty of Japanese living to the world, making it a more prosperous and peaceful place.

She fell in love with ceramic creations when she was studying sculpturing where she learnt that through pieces of work she can bring the distance between human and objects closer. Her works have received numerous awards in Japan, Korea and Taiwan in the past decade. Some described her work as “heavenly made”. Miss Hasesgawa thinks this is because she treats each piece of work as an altar. She has once made a series of work named “Barrier”, comprising of items made of white potter soil and thickness of 0.2cm, to explore and study the heart and to highlight the human anxiety and restlessness when faced with all the different situation in the society.

Miss Hasegawa believes that human life depends on the co-existence of plant and living matters. Therefore, she hopes to create tableware that can integrate with nature.

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