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Ying Ceramics
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Ying Ceramics

Ying Sheung Wong received her BA from Hong Kong Baptist University in Academic of Visual Arts. She worked as an educator and graphic designer in Hong Kong for many years. Recently, she completed an MA in ceramics at Bath Spa University, UK.

Ying is interested in exploring and clarifying the 'silent', unconscious thoughts which happen during the making process to render them as manifest as the conscious once she was aware of.

She utilises the different making processes available when using ceramics as a medium in order to highlight those aspects of personality which are almost hidden. Where material is used to to convey aspects of the 'soul'.

Work Concept

Ying's recent work mainly explores 'relationship', emphasising on living in balance, naturalness, simplicity and spontaneity. In her works, she seeks peace within the inner self, balance between people and the harmony of nature. 

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