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Yves Lee

Yves Lee is an emerging Sydney-based artist curator born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong whose work is often situated on the borderline of Eastern and Western culture. Her work fluctuates from large-scale ceramic installation (être-là) to impossibly small detailed ceramic pieces. Her typical use of precious and fragile materials pays homage to her family and culture: the fragility and delicacy of its materials is counter-posed by the resilience or repetition and routine that it represents. She is also the founder and curator of the Love Letter, aiming to provide opportunities and platform for emerging artists which can often be a difficult task to secure.


Entangled portrays life circumstances, the relationships between people, situations and incidents being caught in or twisted together. While most of the time, we are unaware of such entanglement. The invisible fishing lines portrays the invisible situations and incidents of human relationships. How each of our actions affect the other, causing a push and pull effect. Each wooden stool represents a lifetime story, from one life to another. Some relationships and incidents we will never be able to escape from, it's destiny. There is also an opening for the audience to stand within the installation, allowing one to view the bigger picture in the middle. However, it is not an entrance that can be easily spotted. The invisible fishing line creates a web that will cause the audience to hesitate in regards to how close they should stand, just in case they'll get caught in it. Similar to how we do not wish to get caught in complicated situations, yet most of the time, we are unaware that all is twisted together. 

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