Glad to Have You by My Side
29/03/2019 - 05/05/2019

Glad to Have You by My Side


Curated by Yves Lee

For 2019 Art Basel & Art Central season in Hong Kong we bring in previous Love Letter artists from Australia to exhibit works with us in Sean Gallery. 


Canbora Bayraktar

Ally Adeney

Guy Morgan

Eleni Tsomis

Anna Battersby

Da Claong

Paraskevy Begetis

Special feature: Elisa Bartels


“I believe that there’s the family we’re born into and there’s the family we meet. If you want to show someone you love them, if you want to show commitment. Nothing is better than showing up and being-there for the people we love. I believe the best form is to never give up. We are all scared. But when I am scared, I take a deep breathe, remind myself why I did it in the first place, why do I want this. Then I do what’s needed to be done.”  

- Yves


The Love Letter was founded in Sydney, aiming to provide opportunities for artists to feel comfortable to grow in. To continue to expand their art practices, to get the exposure they deserve and to continue to keep a community together. This is a platform for artists to write their own form of artistic ‘Love Letter’ to the public, to themselves, to their loved ones. It is also a ‘Love Letter’ it’s curator continuously writes for the people she loves, the people who has inspired her. 


“I believe people makes me, me. That we are all part of a whole. The Love Letter is never about one person or one artists, it is about everyone. It is about you, cause by showing an interest, you are supporting the Love Letter, you are supporting our artists. It is what it is because we are all here, saying ‘I do’.”

Address: G/F, 12 Tai Ping Shan Street, SheungWan 


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