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Jessica Thallmaier
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Jessica Thallmaier

Jessica is a Sydney-based sculpture and ceramic artist who creates and shares ceramic art, functional and decorative as Feuerspiel Ceramics. Feuerspiel is a German word that translates roughly to 'fire play'.  The word is a tribute to Jessica’s German-Australian heritage, but also to her Rohde electric kiln that travelled across to her from Europe. Jessica is heavily influenced by Japanese aesthetics and her functional ceramics often incorporate elements of eastern form with western contemporary. She is fascinated by the infinite possibilities in glaze chemistry and has developed all of her glazes by hand to suit her individual aesthetic.

Through Feuerspiel, Jessica creates a variety of forms including Mugs, cups, bowls, ‘keep cups’ and more decorative vessels such as vases. Her work is often vibrant in hue and features sections of exposed clay, showcasing the raw nature and beauty of the materials.

Petal Snack Bowl
Sake Teacups
Porcelain Teacups
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