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2020 Kyoto Craftsmanship Tour

Sean Gallery is now looking for participants who are interested in joining us in Kyoto for Design Week Kyoto's Japanese Traditional Craftsmanship Tour this coming November!


We aim to work with artists and build a community that can help artists grow and support together, no matter where you are from! Direct all tour enquires and conformation to


Download form to join us in Kyoto! 






$12,000HKD (Join before 31st July 2020 for early bird $10,000HKD)


- 5 nights at Japanese Traditional Townhouse

- Studio Visits

- Workshops (minimum of 3 with work to take home)

- Tour bus (Tour days)

- Translator

​- Tour Guide from Design Week Kyoto

- Specific meals (minimum of 4 meals)

- Social gathering

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