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Minami Kodama

Born in Kyoto, Miss Minami Kodama is much influenced by its local culture. Her parents’ work in the tea industry and Nishijin embroidery nurtured Miss Kodama’s yearning for tea, kimono and traditional craft. With 10 years of study in basic ceramic craftsmanship in Kyoto, Miss Kodama’s style made a big change after her work and exchanges in France.

After a long trial with colour toning, Miss Kodama decided to give up the use of glazing, and use “red” as her theme instead. With her unique sensibility, her crystal like "Red Series Japanese Tableware" brings a new sensation to us all.

Miss Kodama believes that life changes every day. “People are busy with life, making their minds and hearts overwhelmed with thoughts. Since an unknown point in time, speed became important to the act of eating (in equivalent to survival). Even during one’ s resting hours, thoughts of time and money are still important. Take a break at your dining table every day. A piece of tableware can turn your grey mood into clear skies. Take a look at the tableware that gives your heart a smile and brings happiness and warmth. Tableware is not just something to hold food.”

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