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Yves Lee
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Yves Lee

"Yves Lee is an emerging Sydney-based artist born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong whose work is often situated on the borderline of Eastern and Western culture. Her work fluctuates from large-scale ceramic installation (être-là) to impossibly small detailed ceramic pieces. Her typical use of precious and fragile materials pays homage to her family and culture: the fragility and delicacy of its materials is counter-posed by the resilience or repetition and routine that it represents.”


– Gabrielle Steele, curator. 

être-là (fleur)


être-là (fleur)is an extension to installation work être-là built in 2016. être-là is French for ‘being-there’. According to French philosopher Gaston Bachelard, ‘one should think twice before speaking l’être-là’ because being entrapped in our being, we shall always have to come out of it. It holds a similar idea to the maze, when you are within, you are ‘being-there’.

One goes round and around trying to find a way out, however, ‘one no longer knows right away whether one is running toward the center or escaping. It is a question of while one is in their being, are they certain to be there.’



être-là (fleur), 2017


Exhibition work shown previously in Sydney

Let's start over, from the beginning


Let's start over, from the beginning contain two parts. The entire installation work is to view the sculpture piece within the digital prints that tells the entire story. To be able to see the bigger picture. 


In a story, there's the bigger picture and a detailed picture. Where the story goes or means depends on the interpreter. Sometimes when we are able to step away we are able to see how small the bigger picture actually is. 


The eternal staircase brings us round and around as if it's never enough. There is no ending until closure and answers are found while one is inside the picture. It is the idea of how large the details are when one is within, yet when step out we see.


Taking away the sculpture from the prints, it shows one section of the story. A closer picture depicting a personal perspective of the work. Allowing the audience a wider view of the sculptural piece within the prints. 


There is a story to tell. There's the bigger picture, and theres a narrower picture. When look within one is able to see the details, the staircases that brings us round and around. The flowers within, unfolding, creating memories and every small detail in life is being enlarged.

Everyday, every moment, again and again, we try. 

We try to survive. 

We try to learn. 

We try to make a difference. 

Most importantly, we try to live life. 


Until that day, one day, when its our time to say goodbye. 

Even then, we still try. 

Try to remember. 

Try to forget. 

Try not to be forgotten. 

Try to be remembered. 

Knowing that again and again, we tried.


Just because not this life. 

It does not mean not this life. 

When you find eternal oblivion. 

Just you wait, then maybe it is this life. 


Let's start over, from the beginning, 2017

'Geon', Interlude Gallery

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